0% Commission, No Fees

QUIDs have been around Tullamore since 2008. The level of participation is high. There is a great diversity of local and local branches of businesses that accept QUIDs.

QUIDs are a very practical and useful alternative to other costly national vouchers.

QUIDs are operated by Tullamore Chamber of Commerce and Tullamore Credit Union.

For Employers

Revenue allows employers to give a tax free gift of vouchers up to the value of €500 per PAYE employee, per annum.

Unlike other voucher schemes, with QUIDS:

  • There are no charge or commissions whatsoever when purchasing QUIDS
  • There are no charges to your employees when they spend QUIDS
  • There are no charges to your employees for not spending their vouchers (ie reducing value over time).

How Do I Accept QUIDs

Participation is easy and, there are no commissions or charges.

QUIDS appear in €50, €20, €10 and €5 denominations. There are two styles.The newer 'phoenix' style appears in €50 and €20s only. All are valid.

Accept QUIDS at the point of sale as you would cash or other forms of payment. Note however as QUIDS are not actually money, we ask that a QUID voucher be used completely in a sale transaction and change not be given out.

QUIDS accepted by your business can be reimbursed at face value - no fees - as frequently as you wish.

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